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We are a team of airline, business and leisure travel and industry experts with over 90 years combined experience.
We cater to small to medium size businesses. We can help you design your travel policy.

Small Business
Travel Service

If your top salesperson spends two hours researching and making reservations for her client meeting next week, then that is time that she is not spending in front of customers. By using a corporate travel program, your employees can focus on their jobs and help grow your business. Additionally, agents specializing in corporate travel can help reduce the amount of time spent on the road since they know airports that are easiest to navigate and which hotels will be easiest to access during rush hour. This, in turn, gives your employees more time to either recharge with their families or be productive workers. Our strategic approach to dealing with your small business's travel needs, differentiates us, and it saves you money. Companies, big and small, should have some type of managed travel program. This means a way to track travel spending, enforce your travel policy and provide 'duty of care' for your travelers.

Leisure and
Vacation Specialist

Our Certified Vacation Travel Specialist staff can assist you with everything from booking your own Luxury Vacation to building an incentive leisure travel program for all of your employees.
We have lasting relationships with Hotels, Tour Specialists and Property Managers worldwide, and we use these relationships to get you the best value at the most premium resorts.

How can we save you time?

Booking travel takes a lot of time. Not only do you need to find the best flights, but you have to book lodging and ground transportation that meets the needs of your travelers. Coordinating that while balancing change requests can be a tall task. As your travel needs grow, this process takes more and more time, which could be better spent running your business.
  • Work with you to develop a travel policy
  • Sign you up for airline business loyalty programs to help further your earnings
  • Build a profile for every traveler so that we know all preferences
  • Reserve hotels, car rentals, and anything else you might need to get to and from your destination
  • Arrange seat assignments, and if ideal seats aren't available, monitor for better ones to open
  • Help you organize your travel plans so that everything is kept up-to-date
  • Help arrange new flights (and accommodation if needed) if you are delayed or canceled
  • Alert colleagues, clients, and family if you'll be delayed, at your request
  • Assist with lost bags or other complaints after travel
  • Provide custom reporting tailored to your needs

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