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Why should you use our agency - or in other words I've heard when networking, "We thought travel agents were extinct"...

Booking your vacation or business trip most often proves to be an extremely stressful, grueling undertaking these days. Todays educated consumer is thrown countless choices for flights, hotels, car rental, and tours, so "do it yourself" travel is no longer considered good value. There is a difference between getting the cheapest price after wasting hours of your time online and getting the best VALUE by allowing our experts to provide options that are customized to your preferences. It's been reported that approximately 20 percent of more than 2,000 travelers worldwide said it took them more than five hours to search and book travel online, which seems headache inducing, frustrating, and a waste of your most valuable asset - your free time. Avoid the hassle and the bottle of pain reliever.
Not convinced - check out these six reasons that should convince you to let our experts work for you:

We will SAVE YOU TIME by vetting thousands of options to find the best value. We will make the trip planning a more pleasant and less time consuming experience.

We can SAVE YOU MONEY in most cases. You are not charged extra for our services. Our service will provide you more value for your money by bundling trip variables or knowing promotional codes, dates that offer better prices, or upgraded hotel specials.

We will guide you to help LEARN WHAT YOU WANT. In so many cases the traveler doesn't really know what kind of trip they want but our job is to provide a number of options to help build and book your trip.

We have CONNECTIONS or in other words, "we have ways"...We have people on the ground who you can connect with like local tour guides and assistance at your destinations you can reach out to if you encounter any problems. Our insiders offer the customer service that beats going at it alone. Our personal relationships with many travel industry representatives gives us leverage to use on your behalf.

We provide AUTHENTICITY. We enlighten you about trip options you may not be able to find online. As specialists we are able to help you fine unique and memorable life experiences.

We are KNOWLEDGABLE. Details are essential and we are experts when it comes to handling details. We will advise on what room or cabin location offers the best viewing options, knowing about the neighborhood your hotel is in, show and or restaurant recommendations. Our clients trust our recommendations.

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